Turmeric – The Root with Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidants Properties

Turmeric, the bright yellow member of the ginger root family that gives curry and other East Asian foods their signature color, has been used for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal product. Turmeric has recently started to gain momentum in US culture. The root has many beneficial properties from curcumin, the main active [...]

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“Good” Bacteria May Help MS Patients Restore the Intestines

Normally when people think of bacteria, their minds immediately go to “bad” or harmful,” and while this may be the case sometimes, it is certainly not true of all bacteria. Probiotic bacteria are the good bacteria that help aid in the digestive process. They are a crucial component of a healthy microbiome, which is not [...]

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Suffering From Seasonal Allergies?

With warmer weather finally arriving and pollen counts rising, people with seasonal allergies are likely starting to feel the effects. Trees, mold, and grass are the major offenders during this time of year. Common symptoms of seasonal allergies include: Runny nose Post-nasal drip Sneezing Stuffy nose Itchy, puffy, or watery eyes Seasonal allergies are not [...]

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Why Use a Probiotic?

Our bodies are comprised of hundreds of species of bacteria, some good and some bad. If you totaled up all the bacteria in our body and weighed it, it would amount to several pounds! So, what do we know about the gastrointestinal area, and why it is so important to keep a healthy gut? What [...]

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Jamie Star on High Dose Biotin and Alpha Lipoic Acid

With the right combination of supplements, MS patients can find relief. This can be seen with Jamie Star, a patient, who is documenting her path with MS and finding the right supplements to help gain control over her life. Her latest blog “Combo Pill Offered for High Dose Biotin and Alpha Lipoic Acid” categorizes her [...]

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