“Good” Bacteria May Help MS Patients Restore the Intestines

//“Good” Bacteria May Help MS Patients Restore the Intestines

“Good” Bacteria May Help MS Patients Restore the Intestines

Normally when people think of bacteria, their minds immediately go to “bad” or harmful,” and while this may be the case sometimes, it is certainly not true of all bacteria.

Probiotic bacteria are the good bacteria that help aid in the digestive process. They are a crucial component of a healthy microbiome, which is not only important to digestion but also producing certain vitamins, regulating the immune system and keeping people healthy by protecting against disease-causing bacteria. Probiotics can be found in certain foods, but they are also available in supplement form.

Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) stand to benefit much from supplementing their diet with probiotics. Many experts believe MS originates from a ‘leaky gut’ in which the barrier properties of the intestine are compromised. Probiotics may help restore the intestine in MS patients enabling the proper break down food and absorption of nutrients while preventing harmful substances from entering. The good bacteria can also help to support their immune system while reducing inflammatory factors, both of which are hallmark issues associated with MS.

When choosing a probiotic, more good bacteria doesn’t always mean better.  In many cases too much good bacteria can cause intestinal discomfort. So the best way to maintain the right balance is to take probiotic supplements in the dosage that works best for you. ACE Bio Flora provides a gentle blend of good bacteria that will help to restore the intestinal health. ACE Bio Flora is available for purchase at ACEVitaminShop.com.

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