Men’s Pure Pack – 30 Packets

//Men’s Pure Pack – 30 Packets

Men’s Pure Pack – 30 Packets


Men’s Pure Pack is a comprehensive daily packet providing core nutrients, magnesium, vitamin D3, CoQ10, fish oil and saw palmetto for general and cardiovascular, prostate and eye health. Men’s Pure Pack contains 3 caps from Men’s Nutrients that provides support for healthy prostate health and function, cardiovascular and ocular support and promotes energy, endurance and stamina in men over 40. This packet also includes one softgel capsule from EPA/DHA essentials to provide essential fatty acids derived from pure fish oil which may support cardiovascular well-being joint comfort and brain health.‡

One capsule of Vitamin D3 gives you 1000 IU of highly bioavailable vitamin D3 for additional bone support. Vitamin D3 is vital in optimal absorption of calcium for strong bones, specially after 40. One capsule of Magnesium (citrate) provides this essential trace element for optimal absorption of vitamin D3 and other vitamins and nutrients as well as boosts cardiovascular and bone health.‡

There’s also one softgel capsule of Saw Palmetto Plus in each packet. This blend of natural herbal extracts like saw palmetto stinging nettle root pygeum africanum bark and pumpkin oil may support a healthy prostate and good urinary flow.‡

Finally you can also get your daily dose of CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) which not only supports cellular functioning including in the vital organs but also provides potent antioxidant support.‡

This comprehensive combination of various nutrients and herbal extracts ensures that you are never short of essential nutrients and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.‡


  • 3 caps of Men’s Nutrients multivitamin/mineral complex combined with added magnesium and 1,000 i.u. vitamin D3
  • Now with Metafolin L-5-MTHF
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10, saw palmetto, lycopene and more
  • Supports energy and stamina, cardiovascular, macular and prostate health in men over 40‡
  • Hypo-allergenic

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